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Manufacturers of StayCleanTM Extinguisher Cases, Rural, Domestic & Commercial Fire Extinguisher Specialists

welcome_stayclean.jpgStayCleanTM Extinguisher Cases
The FireWise StayCleanTM Extinguisher Case is a tough, durable, kiwi made extinguisher protection system that safeguards your on-vehicle extinguishers from damage caused by the likes of tar, chemicals, dirt, exposure to the elements and rough handling. 

Follow this link to find out more about StayCleanTM Extinguisher Cases.

welcome_extinguishers.jpgFire Extinguishers 
Fires aren’t selective they devastate families and businesses alike, to protect your precious assets contact us and we can provide you with extinguisher solutions that best fit your requirements. 

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Certified installers and service agents
FireWise Ltd are certified ANSUL R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression and Vehicle Fire Suppression & Detection Systems installers and service agents. 

For more information please contact us or read more about our Services.

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